Freelance communications management and consultancy

My career began in politics and higher education, but I started working on a freelance basis in 2012 because I wasted to focus on my growing interest in how organisations innovate and change.

Now I work alongside managers who are leading business improvement projects, helping them to engage their colleagues and communicate their aims and activities.

My recent assignments have included creative education initiatives, complex process improvement work and high-profile sustainability campaigns. Some examples are included below.

“Greg spread awareness of our activities and significantly increased participation. He was an integral member of our team and proactively got involved in our wider programme of work to help push our agenda forward.”

– Project colleague

My three priorities for any project are simplicity, consistency and empathy. I work with managers to ensure that:

  • what they are trying to say is kept as simple as possible,
  • messages are used consistently to increase impact, and most importantly
  • the team are always considering the communications from the perspective of their audience.

I also use lessons from service, experience and behavioural design to create interventions that boost engagement, make processes more efficient and increase adoption of new ways of working.

If you’re working on a project and you don’t have anyone looking after your communications, I’d be glad to talk with you about what resource you might need and how I could help. A few hours per week can quite often be sufficient.


My work has included:

  • Collaborating across an organisation to find new and innovative ways to celebrate investments in carbon reduction, using the communications to positively influence behaviours. (This work was subsequently commended by ISO 14001 auditors.)
  • Managing internal communications for a process improvement unit within a university, taking an active role as it grew from just one programme manager to a fully-staffed and in-demand office. (Case study: Communicating a business improvement project)
  • Researching the experiences of website owners in a large business and developing a new process to stem the growth of its external web presence.
  • Leading student and staff communications for an award-winning, campus-wide sustainability audit, which is now replicated in universities across the country.
  • Spending 18-months communicating a complex restructuring programme, which reduced an organisation’s expenditure by £10m per annum.