Enterprise education work

I have more than a decade’s experience of working with people who are starting their own businesses and advising organisations that encourage enterprise.

My work ranges from one-to-one support and mentoring right through to the design and delivery of new workshops, networks and funding initiatives.

Some examples can be found at the bottom of this page.

Currently, my focus is on helping fellow freelancers and sole traders get started and navigate some of the common pitfalls of self-employment. I’ve developed a high-impact Freelance Boot Camp and a follow-up workshop all about managing your money, which I’m running in a number of UK universities.

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“Your workshop was engaging and creative. It encouraged the participants to approach problems in a new and innovative way”

– Careers adviser

If you’re an education or community leader looking to help your students, graduates and neighbours develop their business and enterprise skills, I’d be keen to talk to you about how I can help.

Enterprise education - landscape

My enterprise education experience includes:

Workshops and boot camps – I have organised and delivered a variety of workshops to support people who are starting their own businesses, including a high-impact boot camp for new freelancers. In 2015, I worked with a new education provider to design an enterprise summer school that was judged ‘outstanding’ during a British Accreditation Council audit.

⇑ Support groups and networks – As Entrepreneur-in-residence at Solent University, I developed a support network for graduates running their own businesses. This grew into an online and offline community of Solent alumni running startups all over the UK, and it built an ongoing relationship between them and the University. (Read my reflections on this work.)

Mentoring – I have mentored a number of small business owners as part of a National Lottery and European Union-funded scheme to help people find routes into self-employment. Many of the participants have gone on to create sustainable small enterprises.

Funding initiatives – I ran a business funding programme at Solent University and worked with applicants as they refined their plans, prepared to pitch and then, crucially, crowdfunded a proportion of the money. This work helped to propel the University into the top 10 in the country for graduate startups.

⇑ Student enterprise societies – I have sat on advisory boards for several student societies, including entrepreneurship clubs and Enactus teams running social impact projects.

⇑ Schools and colleges – Early in my career, I established a link between a university and a national enterprise initiative, which subsequently saw a number of undergraduate students volunteering in local schools. I later sat on the regional board for the programme.

Do get in touch if I can be of any assistance with your enterprise activities.