Enterprise education

Supporting people who are developing their business skills.

Alongside my freelance communications work, I support people who are developing their business skills and advise organisations that encourage enterprise.

This ranges from one-to-one coaching and mentoring right through to the design and delivery of new workshops, networks and funding initiatives.

I’m proud to combine theory and practice in this work – bringing together 15 years of enterprise education experience and the lessons from my own self-employment journey.

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“I’m clearer on the steps I need to take to get started now. The session has really boosted my confidence.”

– University of Southampton student, February 2020

My focus is currently on helping fellow freelancers get started and navigate some of the common pitfalls of the first year. I run a high-impact Freelance Boot Camp for a number of UK universities – plus a follow-up workshop all about managing your money.

What I offer

  • Workshops and Boot Camps – I organise and deliver workshops to support people who are starting their own businesses or preparing for portfolio careers, including a high-impact Boot Camp for new freelancers.
  • Support groups and networks – I develop and facilitate support groups for new small business owners which incorporate skills development and peer-mentoring.
  • Mentoring and coaching – I provide pragmatic and encouraging mentoring (including Walk-mentoring) to help people find routes into self-employment and navigate the early challenges.
  • Funding initiatives – I support the management of funding initiatives and work with applicants as they refine their plans and prepare to pitch.
  • Consultancy – I advise careers teams on the structure and content of their enterprise programmes and help them to improve the way they engage their students.
  • Student societies – I sit on advisory boards for student societies, including entrepreneurship clubs and groups running social impact projects.

If you’re an education or community leader looking to support your students, graduates and neighbours as they develop their business skills, my workshops and mentoring can help.