For small business owners in the Chichester area – and those dreaming of getting started

I’ve been self-employed for more than a decade – so I know how useful it is to talk. I also know that getting outside is fantastic for clearing the mind and generating new ideas. That’s why I’ve launched ‘Walk-mentoring’ in Chichester.

How can mentoring help your business?

Mentoring is an opportunity to:

  • Talk about your ideas and how you might take them forward.
  • Consider your motivation, what you want to achieve and your options for the future.
  • Discuss any challenges you are facing and how you might overcome them.
  • Identify gaps in your business knowledge and how you might fill them.

“Starting my own business has been a journey of immense highs and lows and I am so grateful for your help throughout.”

– Small business owner

What’s my approach?

I’ve mentored for a number of UK universities and for Lottery and EU-funded business creation programmes. I’ve also met – literally – hundreds of new business owners at the workshops I run, so I’m familiar with many of the challenges you will be facing.

Crucially, I’m also a small business owner, so I’ve faced lots of these challenges myself!

Read more about my own story

My mentoring is encouraging and action-oriented, but also deliberately pragmatic. I like to help mentees progress with their ideas, but I’m also mindful that everyone has different commitments and moves at their own pace.

As well as asking you thought-provoking questions, as a mentor I will also offer you my opinion and share with you the benefit of my experiences.

How do the sessions work?

Sessions last 60 minutes. We’ll meet at the Graylingwell Pavilion on Havenstoke Park in Chichester, grab a drink and then walk at your pace around the local area. If you’d prefer to be inside, or if the weather takes a turn for the worse, we can find a table in the Pavilion or in Graylingwell Chapel.

How much does ‘Walk-mentoring’ cost?

Sessions cost £60 for 60 minutes, payable at time of booking, including your choice of drink from the Pavilion. Please bring your own reusable cup.

After your first session, I’ll offer you the opportunity to block book a further four sessions for a total of £200. That’s a 20% discount on the standard price. Or you can keep booking individual sessions. How regularly we meet is then entirely up to you.

Remember, you may be able to claim the cost of these sessions as a business expense.

Get in touch today to find out more or book your first session.